Daniel Jones Video

Hi my name is Daniel and I was born early this morning in Mount Carmel Hospital at 0720hrs Wednesday 12th October 2011
(log this date for Birthday presents each year)
Already I've been to Spain twice, have my own email address danielcjones@eircom.net and here I have my own webpage.
Not bad for my first six months

See how peaceful I am after a hard nights work getting into this World

This is Nana Margaret (Cummins) with my Mam Ciara

Here I am with my Mam and Dad and my Grandfather Tony Snr.

My other Grandfather Terry

Today 18th March 2012 is my Christening

This is my Christening Cake but as I am still on the bottle (Milk of course) I cannot eat my own cake

This my Aunty Adrienne's House

I had my Christening party here
We are all waiting for the ceremony

This is the Priest who Christened me and four other kids

My Proud Grandad Tony Jones Snr. is holding me and in the picture is left my Dad Tony and right my Mam Ciara and my Nana Margaret Cummins

The Priest who Christened me tells the Kids to stay quiet during his lecture!!!!

This is my cousin and Godmother Christina Saunders

This is me again in my Christening Dress which is over 130 years old

nice shots of me
What do you think ???

My Dad Tony and my Mam Ciara

Getting a bit tired of these photographs but many years ahead I will probably love them

Here is my Aunty Aoife and my cousin Feidhleim

getting stuck into the booze
This is my Granddad Terry Cummins

My Nana tries me on the swing but my Mam is watching me

Hope you like the pics, you can see why I'm so happy, I have a great Dad and Mam
I had my Mam's Family over for dinner today (Easter Sunday). Mam did lovely Roast lamb and everyone eat it.

My Cousin Emma with my dog Digger

Mam and me
My Nana and my Aunty Siobhan

Hope you like my cap

It's been a hard day so its a goodnight from me