Family gather in Spain August 18th 2011
While in Spain with Margaret we had a Day like no other Day in our lives

Today is the day I realise just how wonderful my Daughters,
Son, Grandchildren and "all" my son-in-laws are.
Today is the day I realise how lucky Margaret and I are to have such a lovely Family.
Nothing can compare to the lovely surprise today While Margaret and I sat at a table at the pool bar wondering how Ciara and Tony were as they are due their first baby at the end of October
and Adrienne and Gary and our two Grandchildren Karl and Emma
on their way to Portugal. Siobhan, and Damien Slaving away in the cold weather in Dublin.

At the bar and restaurant at out resort in Mijas Costa I had just ordered a meal
while Margaret is on the phone to Adrienne to see if she has landed in Portugal OK
enquiring how her flight was and what the weather in Portugal was like,

when alongside us at our resort appears my Daughters Adrienne and Husband Gary, our Grandchildren Karl and Emma. Siobhan with our grandchildren Christina and Laura, my Daughter Ciara (and grandchild yet to be born) and Husband Tony and last but certainly not least was my son Damien who squeezed two days holidays from his Boss so he could be part of the surprise for Margaret and I here in Spain It is certainly the biggest and best surprise for Margaret and I and yes how lucky can you get to have such a lovely family.

They need never do anymore their message had been "Loud and Clear"
and we are so lucky to have been gifted with such a lovely family.

Thanks again kids!!!! for taking the trouble and time and expense to travel out to Spain to surprise us. Thanks to Anne Lynch who organised the apartments close to us and Ursula at the Pool Restaurant, who kept it a secret and had a table prepared for the 12 of us with Champagne (Free !!) to celebrate

Karaoke at our Pool Bar

Siobhan doing ABBA.....

Siobhan Line Dancing

Gary sings Queen

The Banana Boat

Terry at the Piano