Paddy and madge

5 Dolphins Barn
Paddy Cummins was the 3rd born to Nana and Grandad Cummins at Evergreen Street in Cork City. Paddy married Madge Newman also from Cork. Both Paddy and Madge moved to Dublin in the early 40's. They lived all their adult lives at 5 Dolphins Barn after Nana died. Paddy and Madge had one son Patrick jnr.
Paddy and Madge died within two Years of each other at the end of 1970's and are buried at the back wall of Deans Grange Cemetery within 15 feet of Jack and Olive Cummins.

Pat Cummins and family. L/R Pat, Donna, Lynn, Pats wife Mary, Sarah, and Lee

Lee Cummins

Lynn Cummins

Sarah Cummins

Donna Cummins

Pat Cummins and cousins Niall and Terry

Donna Cummins with cousins Damien, Adrienne and Ciara

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