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My name is Terry Cummins and I am the oldest surviving member of the Cummins Family. I was the 3rd youngest of 7 boys and 2 girls. Sean, Jack jnr, Betty, David, Brian, Austin, Terry, Niall, and Verna.
I started these web pages as I was in pocession of 5 albums my dad carefully put together of our families. I want you all to enjoy these pages and hope it will bring all our extended familes closer together.

I would like each member of our families to send me a picture of yourself for inclusion on the web site, but above all send me details of your self and your family so we will know who you are and maybe any special achievements you may have. I will start with myself (naturally)

I was born in Cork City and in 1943 I was brought to Dublin and the family was granted a corporation house at 331 Clogher Road, Crumlin ,Dublin. (See our house at the top)

I was educated at the Infant section of National School, Rialto, Dublin, and Scoil Iosagin,Aughavanagh Road, Crumlin and St.Enda's secondanary School, Crumlin, Dublin. My Dad insisted I was NOT going into the Navy until I had a trade so I sat the Printing Industry Examination qualifying with high marks. This was due to my Dad getting a copy of the Examination Papers shortly after they were printed and three weeks before the Examination.

I started my apprenticship in March 1956 in the Wood printing Works, Wolftone Street, Dublin 1. A young girl called Margaret Fox started in September of the same year. As it was the practice to clean down the printing machines at 5 p.m. every evening the younger staff had to this very important task. The cleaning cloths were kept in a basement cellar so Margaret and I generally would arrive in the cellar at the same time to pick the correct type and size of rags form the rag sacks. It was during these periods of work experience that margaret and I got to know each other so well, that We were married in Meath Street Church, Dublin, on the 4th June 1966 (40 years next year and 50 years since we met.)

I completed my apprentice as a Printer and moved for a short while to Brindley.s of Eustace Street, and then to Juverna Press, Jervis Street, where my father Jack Cummins was the works manager. I stayed at Juverna until 1969. It was in 1969 at Juverna Press early one morning while cutting a piece of wood to make a cabinet for home that I severed my index finger and almost lost two others. While recovering from the injuries I was offered a job as a representative with The Hayward Company, one of the leading printing Suppliers in Ireland at that time. This was successful as no else seemed to have applied for the job.

I remained with the Hayward Company until 1974 when on being offered a very good agency for Offset Printing Plates I decided to start my own company. I started Cummins Graphic Supplies on Aprils Fools Day 1974 3 weeks after I buried my Dad. Cummins graphics has spent the past 24 years situated at 32-34 lennox street and has been good to the family and has provided a good standard of living for us all.

In 1958 I joined the Irish Naval Reserve (An Slua Muiri). During this service I rose through the ranks and was eventually promoted to the officer ranks in July 1983. During these 13 years as a commissioned officer I was both the recruiting officer and training officer for the Naval Reserve. I studied and qualified as a Radio Operator, passing a Marconi Radio Officers course after three years night school at Kevin Street Technical College. I also studied and spent long periods at sea to qualify and recieve the IYA yacht Masters certificate. In 1986 I was appointed by Naval Headquarters Skipper of the Naval Reserve Training Vessel STY "Credine" and continued as Skipper until my final trip abroad prior to my retirement from the service in July 1996 with the rank of Naval Lieutenent (Army captain).

My squad heading off to take up guard duty at Ringsend Power Station during the the threat by Northern Loyalists to attack southern installations

My Navy Commission signed by the President of Ireland Patrick Hillary. The Prime Minister Gerard Fitzgerald, and the Minister for Defence, Patrick Cooney

Letter regarding me to Flag Officer Naval Service Naval Head Quarters, from Lt Commander John Leech departing to take command of Naval Service Ship
See my

Naval Stand Down Parade

Final Pals Trip as Skipper STY Creidne

Heading the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade

Training New Recruits on passagee to Isle of Man

New Recruit Class Passing out Parade

New Recruits March Past